For Sale 1990-1995 4Runner FSM vol 1 & 3

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Mar 22, 2008
North Vancouver
United States
1990-1995 4Runner Factory Repair Manual Vol 1 & 3 $175 OBO

I'm located in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

I have two volumes of the 1990 4Runner FSM (covers 1990-1995 4Runners and the 22RE/ 3VZE engines, there were very few alterations in these years, mostly just with sound system upgrades over the years). They are used, but in very good condition. No tears or markings on the pages.


The FSM (factory service manual) is an invaluable resource if you wrench on your own truck. Follow the step-by-step instructions and diagrams in this book and you'll be able to fix just about everything on the truck. I've sold my 4Runner, and no longer need these repair manuals. I WILL be buying new FSMs for my new truck.

FSMs cost about $100 ea new IIRC, so you're saving $25. Price is OBO.

Volume 1
  • Engine
  • Specifications
Engine Mechanical
Emissions Control Systems
EFI System
Cooling System
Lubrication System
Ignition System
Starting System
Charging System
Service Specifications
Standard Bolt Torque Specifications

Volume 3
  • Body
  • Electrical
  • Specifications
Propeller Shaft
Suspension and Axle
Brake System
Body Electrical System
Air Conditioning System
Service Specifications
Standard Bolt Torque Specifications
Special Service Tools and Special Service Materials
Electrical Wiring Diagrams

Volume 2 (NOT included) is about rebuilding the transmission and transfercase and doing the clutch

Probably going on eBay next week if I don't get any bites.

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