For Sale 1989 Toyota Hilux SSR quadcab 3L diesel

Feb 22, 2017
Tampa FL
Selling my Hilux LN106, some of you may remember it from earlier this year on the classifieds. I have gone through the mechanical bits of the truck and it’s ready for another 100K+ miles…I’m unloading it so soon because I work on a military base and going through the entry gate is VERY inconvenient; having to reach over, roll down the window, show my ID, roll up the window and drive off is a PITA. This is the first RHD vehicle I have driven/owned and after a month of the driving the morning gate routine grew old and I seldom drive it. I had planned on keeping this truck for a while as a replacement for my other daily driver (Mercedes AMG wagon) as the truck has cold AC and is semi-fuel efficient.

I am well over $18K into the truck accounting for all the maintenance I performed to ensure the long term reliability…if my daughter was of age to drive as this would be given/sold to her, alas that is another 3 years and I’m not going to sit on the truck waiting for her.

I am seldom on the forum, best bet is to send me an email alboogiee(AT)gmail(DOT)com or call/text after 5PM EST 773-798-9one9zero.


To adhere to the classified TOU, price is $14,950 and the truck is located in Tampa FL.
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