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Oct 12, 2006
Greensboro, NC
United States
1989 left hand drive HJ61. 137,343 kms (that's 85,341 miles). This truck was purchased from the original owner by my business partner in Spain. It is all original, unmodified and totally rust free. Truck runs and drive PERFECTLY. Absolutely no mechanical issues or problems. There are, however, a couple of cosmetic issues. The original owner was elderly and was having difficulties driving. There are dents in the left front fender and left rear wheel well. Additionally, there are also some minor scratches and dents you would expect from a 25 year old truck.

Truck is fitted with a 12H-T motor, H55F 5 speed, and full floating rear axle. Has power windows and door locks as well as suspension seats. This truck is NOT fitted with air conditioning. Only about 50% of these vintage Spanish Land Cruisers were fitted with A/C. Included in the sale is a complete used factory a/c system out of a HJ61. You will need to install the system or have it installed.

This truck is currently located in Spain. Price includes shipping to East Coast US (New York, Baltimore, Jacksonville) and all import duties/fees. Buyer is responsible for pickup/transport from US port. ALL paperwork required to register this truck in your state will be included in sale (original Spanish paperwork, bill of sale, Customs clearance: CBP 7501 form, EPA 3520-1, and DOT HS-7). $22,500

We have an outstanding paint shop that we work with in Spain and can offer repair and repaint service. $25,000 with body repair, new paint and side stripes.

Link to view pictures and videos:
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Nov 26, 2014
New Mexico
I bought this truck. Picked it up friday drove it about 1800 miles this weekend, turn the key, it fires up and goes all day without a hiccup. Interior might as well be new. There was less rust on the under side than the pictures made it look like- it has some aging from being 26 years old and that is it.

I'd planned to use it as a weekend/after work vehicle but after driving it, it may wind up as my daily driver.

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