For Sale 1989 FJ62 SouthWest (ABQ NM)

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United States
235k miles, untouched otherwise. Slight rust from snowy mountain roads, and otherwise all original.
Additonal pics on request. Easy to see during week / weekend in Central NM area as I'm commuting.

AC blows cold which I am happy for! (100+ degrees lately)

Not sure what to ask for it, so open to offers. working 4x4 tend to stay around $5k in the area, so I'll start there.

Not in a hurry to sell, want to go to good home. In mean time I'm getting replacement title, Standard daily driver maintenance (just did brakes); etc...


More pics as requested. Worst quarter panel (driver front) shown; others show some preliminary paint bubbling this is the one that would probably need new metal.

Roof shown, Tailgate (no rust in this area) and example under the car.





One more for under car. Engine seals are seeping (though slow) Id say 1 qt every 3k miles (or at oil change time). Haven't cleaned it so that you can see it. I'm not trying to hide; its been a good car. Any more requests let me know!


haha, ignore the Anitfreeze and junk in the back; had to do an emergency get of my 66 mustang (seen in background of pic #1)

I was informed that the rear quarter panels are A PITA to fix; thus here are the images of mine. Rust included (look close, ok not that close).




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