1989 FJ62 For Sale, East TN

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United States
I have a 1989 FJ62 that is stock. i was going to make a trail truck out of it but never got around to it. Wife said its time for it to go. It has the common rust spots, everything works including all the windows. It has 184k miles the title says it is a rebuild (fender bender on right rear corner) title. Drives good on road. It has a kickbutt stereo with amp. I have not posted it anywhere but here. This site has been awesome to me with all the knowledge you guys have. I want to give this community first chance. I do not have access to computer very often, if interested call me, 901-605-5816 i'm located in TN, 50 miles due West of Knoxville. Im asking $4000. Thanks image.jpg

I'd love some pics. jhanley1022@gmail.com How's the undercarriage look - rust wise.

Thanks in advance.
Is this one still for sale? If so, my wife can go look at it anytime... she's in Red Boiling Springs (not far from Cookeville... since nobody knows where RBS is.).

Also, let me know if you'd like my email and I can send that to get more pics.

Thanks in advance.

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