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Aug 17, 2005
Body is pretty rotten but mechanicals are good! Would make a good farm truck as is. Engine could use a ring job but is still strong, tranny is original and unrebuilt, good for what it is. 4WD works great. Drivers side wheel studs need replacing before I'd drive it on the road again, but rotors need resurfacing or replacing due to scaling so that's all one job. I have the parts for a knuckle job too.

Will sell the whole shebang for $1200 obo. It's probably worth almost that much in scrap metal alone. Just need it gone and some cash in my pocket. Located near Ithaca, NY. I will be donating it to charity if noone wants it.

Some of the engine parts are new OEM. New air rail, cleaned injectors from witch hunter, surfaced and cleaned intake manifold, new oil pan, Urban Land Cruisers cable set. as well. It's been a good rig. Stuff I replaced wasn't necessary as much as just plain fun to do. black vinyl Procar seats from iron pig. 4runner calipers are a year old. new front brake lines.


I'll take Bruce Vilanch for the block.
Jun 3, 2007
SW Manitoba
If you decide to send it to the crusher, you should part what you can off of it for some coin first. I would be interested in the seats, the cable set, and maybe the new pan, for what it's worth....


Dec 2, 2002
Helena MT
$1200 in scrap price, not this year, not even last year, going rate here is $.02 a lb

it's tough if you don't have room or time, but it's worth it to pull the engine, trans, axles at least. scrap the rest.
Mar 1, 2007
west linn Oregon

He also said he is going to donating it to charity if no one wants it.

Sounds like he is trying to sell it as a parts cruiser or wants to get a tax credit for it and donate it to charity.

It just looks like he want's it gone to me.

If he starts parting it out it will be around a long time.

Yes the seller can make some ok money parting it out , but the cruiser will be around a long time if you do that . Then you end up with a parted out shell laying around no body wants.

He might have better luck posting it in the auto's for sale section. It might even be listed there, i have not looked.

Just my two cents.


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