For Sale 1989 FJ62 Bountiful Utah 187,000

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After some hemming and hawing it is time to thin my collection a bit. I'm selling my 1989 FJ62. She is not perfect but would be an excellent jumping off point for a great rig.

187,000 miles

Rust in rear fenders, spotting in numerous places along body with no rot through.

Solid frame with the usual swelling on the inner c channels at the back of the frame (they don't need replacement at all but there is some rust).

I used herculiner on the roof after finding some rust spots that were removed and repaired. In hindsight I regret this and would remove it if I was keeping it.

PRE Dakar Old Man Emu heavy/ medium deluxe suspension.

4Runner calipers, newer pads and rear shoes (2 years old), newer rebuilt knuckles by me with the proper SST.

33 inch Toyo mud terrains that will need replacement soon.

I built the front bumper from scratch to accept and M8000 and the rear bumper based on a kit from Fourrunner on this board. I built a passenger swing out tire mount that will accept a 37 inch tire and a drivers side ladder and lockable high lift mount. I mounted gas charged struts to the bumper to assist with opening. I used a small De-Staco clamp on both swing outs but I would upgrade to a larger locking model.

Also from Fourrunner are his 0 gauge battery cables (very nice)

Brand new uninstalled die hard platinum battery

May need a new alternator soon.

I have a deluxe headlight harness on the vehicle from FJ62 on this forum. This model has extra fused points for accessories.

A full set of Cibie headlights with standard h4's in the low beams and amber for the high beams. These headlights with the harness completely change the vehicle as far as light output is concerned.

Alpine stereo with no provisions for your iPod (outdated).

Wagongear rear tailgate storage.

The interior needs a shampoo and the drivers seat repaired, the headliner could use a steam too.


I haven't driven it in a year, my wife and I love it and I put a bit of work into it but my HJ60 and my FJ40 along with all of my other vehicles get more attention. The A/c was cold and it ran very well the last time I drove it, the A440 shifts well and doesn't do much more than seep a little. No major leaks.

With a little bit of work this could be a gorgeous rig. I would fix the rust, regear it to 4.88 and go back to a 33x10.50. Add some BMW seats to the front, a nice roof rack and go explore the country.

Asking $5600 on mud, you may see my KSL add for $5800 for non mud members. I bet I could get more but I'm not much for gouging.


image2.jpeg image3.jpeg image3.jpeg image4.jpeg image6.jpeg
Also, PM me on here for further information.
Nice rig, GLWS, dude...
So seriously, am I asking too much or is the market saturated? I'm not one to shy away from constructive criticism and I really just want to find a good home with someone who just adores bodywork as that is really all it needs (and an H55 conversion).
FYI, I have now listed the vehicle on ebay.

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