For Sale 1989 62 project vehicle, central NJ

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United States
I'm selling a 1989 FJ62 project vehicle. The engine does not run, but the body and undercarriage are in good shape. There's one small rust hole in the front pass. quarter panel. The interior is in pieces, but I believe all parts are there. I had planned on swapping the engine from the 1991 80 series, which is in good running order. I bought the 80 from a fellow Mud member. This was a project I intended on completing before my oldest son got his driver's license, but I really do not think I'll have the time to get this done. I prefer to sell both of them together, but I'm willing to split them if needed. Both will need to be towed away. I have clear titles for both.

Asking $3,450 for everything. I'll throw in an extra set of steel rims with very good stock sized tires for the 62 for the right offer.

Thanks all.



Price if the fj62 alone, if your willing to sell it alone?
Guys, I've made a deal with a fellow Mud member. He's going to do the engine swap for me and get the 62 in running condition. So this "for sale" thread is now done.

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