For Sale 1988 HJ61vx, 12HT, PTO Winch, Clean [CO]

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United States
1988 HJ61vx, 12 HT Turbo Diesel, Auto, Factory PTO Winch

Licensed and Registered as a Diesel in Colorado, USA

Clean, strong running, low mileage HJ61 Landcruiser with the cool PTO winch! Gets good gas mileage (22-24mpg) with lots of power from the 12HT factory Turbo Diesel. This truck turns eyes everywhere, and is a blast to drive! The body is straight, and the interior is top notch! Lots of detailed pictures available, just pm or email me with your info. Thanks for looking; any questions feel free to ask.

Vehicle Specs:

1988 HJ61vx Land Cruiser
12HT Turbo-Diesel
4 Speed Auto
Right Hand Drive
Classic Two-Tone with graphics
Brown Interior in great condition
260k/161,600 miles
Factory PTO Winch
24-Volt System
Safari Roof
Factory Sunroof
Full Floating rear axle
Rear Heater
Factory suspension
15” Alloy rims
31x10.50 Dunlop AT Tires
New Deka Batteries
Factory Air Conditioning

Asking $16,500

The truck will be titled, licensed, registered and insured in Colorado.

Please ask any questions you might have and I’ll try to answer to the best of my ability and knowledge. Thanks and have a great day!

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2013.04.02 012.jpg
Fast Eddy...

Looks like you are correct! Silly me for assuming that just because the last five I have had were full floaters that Toyota would have made them all that way?? I stand corrected...this truck is a semi float unit. Thanks for noticing.
Thanks to everyone who has pm'd me with questions about this rig. It is loaded on the trailer and headed for Colorado now. I'll be driving it on Monday and will get back to everyone with details to the specific questions that have been asked.

Thanks again for all the interest and looking forward to finding a good home for this great rig! Have an awesome weekend.

2013.04.02 007.jpg

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2013.04.02 009.jpg

2013.04.02 010.jpg
So the truck arrived late Tuesday and have been changing fluids and inspecting everything. This one is super clean, no rust issues in the normal areas at all and drives very smooth!

I have emailed everyone who asked for additional pics and just wanted to post up a few here for the masses. Let me know if you have additional questions or want to see any specific detail photos. Thanks





Just to let folks know who I have been in communication with that this rig has sold. It is en-route to a new home as we speak, a very nice fellow 'Mud member who will be taking excellent care of this sweet ride!

Thanks to all for the interest and positive comments.

If anyone is interested in a rig like this, just let me know as I will have access to more in the future, or can keep an eye out for a specific rig of your choosing? Cheers
Just to let folks know who I have been in communication with that this rig has sold. It is en-route to a new home as we speak, a very nice fellow 'Mud member who will be taking excellent care of this sweet ride!

Merry Christmas to me, its sitting in my driveway here in Tejas.. :lol: Flew to Durango yesterday morninng and made a bullet dash to Houston via DFW last night/today and averaged 22 mpg coming home. With no A/C.

What better way to return to the Cruiser brotherhood than with a JDM diesel 60 Series. Thanks to Jeff Jones and Gary Coberly Waggoner for their assistance with this truck.

Ben at AlpenCruiser is a first class dude. He is trying hard to bring JDM trucks in and I think he would be a good agent for anyone looking to buy one. I am sure anyone can do it if they put in the effort, but Ben knows the process, has eyes on the ground in Japan looking for trucks, and that's half the battle in finding one. He was very helpful with all the pics I asked for and did a great job describing the truck's condition (based on having only had it 2-3 days.) He picked me up at the airport, crawled all over the truck with me and I got to meet his family. Good people.

This truck will need some work to suite me, but that's how it goes when you buy one right off the boat almost sight-unseen. The engine seems very strong, there isn't a spec of rust anywhere on the body or chassis and aside from being generally dirty and needing some cosmetic love, it should do fine. Can't wait for my pr:censor:ck of a neighbor who hates my toy fetish to wake up and see it in the driveway. :flipoff2:

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