For Sale 1988 Hilux Pickup Double Cab

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United States
Located in Langley, BC

2.4L non-turbo diesel with 171000km
3" shackle suspension lift, extended stainless brake lines
265/75R15 tires on Toyota JDM factory alloys with center caps
Radiator rebuilt this summer, hoses replaced
A/C system removed, compressor still on vehicle for OBA conversion
Alternator and Power Steering belts new Toyota parts
New toyota fuel and oil filter installed less than 100km on it

Owned it since the spring and have rebuilt the cab with an entire POR 15 floor, all new fasteners everywhere. Right front fender replaced with new part due to rust, still black primer.
Pictures will tell most of the story, don't bother low balling me via email. If you're interested in the truck we can talk price when you're looking at it. No insurance currently on it, no test pilots without a full deposit.

2013-09-01 11.51.07.jpg

2013-09-01 11.52.59.jpg
I'd love to have this truck! GLWS!

-Daniel Kent
Open to offers. No trades.
Bump. Lots of emails, no one has yet shown up.
Price reduced, $9999
Still for sale, $9500
I thought there was a problem bringing something imported from Japan to Canada than again importing it to the US. But I have no idea to be honest.

Would it make the drive? I don't see why not but also I have only driven it 100km since owning it in the spring.
First offer was 6k, second offer this week was 7k. Getting closer... still for sale... asking price is $9500....

I could install a full OME lift kit (shackles, shocks, springs) for the right price also, I'm thinking $13,000 with the new suspension, deposit required though.
If this could come to the US it would probably already be sold! Bummer.

-Daniel Kent
If this could come to the US it would probably already be sold! Bummer.

-Daniel Kent

If it is 25 years old ( date of manufacture ) there should be no issues importing to the U.S.
I've had half a dozen calls/emails from USA residents but it never gets past 50 questions. Once importing idea comes up everyone backs away. If i get time I'll call border services myself and see what the deal is.
If you wanted to fly/drive, can you simply drive it across the border and then deal with your local DMV later or do they look for importing paperwork at the border crossings?
As far as I can tell, it's 25 years old. You should be able to bring it into the US.

Seriously motivated to sell this thing... not unloading for any other reason than took a large financial hit this year and everyday I have it I'm paying interest on other things!
Still for sale, still getting emails/calls every week on it.

No I will not deliver it across the border, you want it you can import it yourself.

Best offer stands at $8000 USD. Waiting for cash to get dropped in my hand, drove it around the block last week, fun times.
Why hasn't this sold?
Something wrong with a 2.4 Diesel
mechanical issue?

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