For Sale 1988 FJ62 "The Land Shark" in Bend, OR

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<SOLD as of 20161017 for $7900 fyi to anyone else selling/buying right now>

1988 FJ62 Toyota Land Cruiser, mostly beautiful stock condition, lightly modded and lovingly cared for, regrettably for sale, $7900.

I bought this truck as a trail rig for Central Oregon as our family's first foray into off-road adventuring. It's been 100% bulletproof and we've loved it, but as our interests have expanded and we're talking about trips to Moab, Glacier, or Alaska this just wasn't the right truck anymore. I bought a 98 Land Cruiser to equip for overland expeditions, and need to sell our beloved Land Shark to help pay for that build.

I bought this truck 5 years ago with 247k, and today it stands at 263k (just 3k a year). Trucks this old really show the life they led, and the love the received. Ours clearly had been loved its entire life, as all I've had to do was basic maintenance, and there is absolutely nothing wrong or needing work beyond completing some projects I have not been able to. I've been a heavy traveler these last few years, only having 1 or 2 days a week at home, so while I've had time to buy and plan stuff for him, I haven't had the time to do all the work - all noted below. This isn't another cruiser with a rhino-lined roof, or 20 things replaced in the last year as the truck's hard life is catching up to it, or missing the interior - this is a "Whoa, nice cruiser!"

I've included a couple pics in the ad but for an album of high resolution photos see here:
FJ62-Beauty Shot.png
FJ62-Inside Front.png

FJ62-Inside Back.png

Engine runs strong, starts easy and drives smooth. Not fast (even brand new they were dogs), but nice and torquey still: I pulled (6) stuck cars and trucks out of ditches and snow banks this winter alone, including an F250. Getting 10-14mpg depending on town/highway, not burning oil, couple drips a month from rear main seal which all cruisers this age will do, tranny shifts great no issues or noises, front locking hubs and transfer case great no issues - it all just works - this is a Toyota after all;)

Seats in near-perfect condition, front and back, original fabric barely worn, just a couple lightly discolored spots. Headliner similarly excellent with only (1) inch long rip above pass seat. Goodyear ice & mud floor mats protecting the near-perfect original carpeting. Dash zero cracks or splits, perfect.

Power locks and windows work fine, though back windows are slow which can be fixed with the ground re-wiring in the FAQ on mud.

Custom 2.5" exhaust - manifold back, with Magnaflow muffler. Great, throaty sound with a bit more torque.

Custom "Surfari" roof rack - Aluminum pipe frame, Trail Tailor mounts, all stainless hardware, and cedar wooden slats finished in Australian Timber oil. Plenty strong for stashing gear, not sure I would mount a Roof Top Tent on it though. Quickfist clamps for shovel and axe, custom hilift mounts. The two cutouts at the back were to be for recessing gas can and toolbox holders as tight to roof as possible to minimize drag. You could buy new wood slats and run back, or fab the holders.

Hella 55W Heavy Duty H3 Amber fog lamps, Hella 220 Jumbo Driving/Long Range Lamps with 55W bulbs, all made in Germany. (4) Kawell 18W LED flood lamps as work lights, and a UK rear brake lamp. All need wiring still, but I'm including the rack quick connect (in case you need to take the rack off you don't want to unwire everything), cool switches (bigfoot, aliens, zombie, etc) and fittings, see photo. If these do not match the vision of your build I will keep and deduct $250 from the sale price as I can sell them on mud.

Clarion CZ300 stereo, CD, HD radio, XM-ready, and USB port wired into ashtray for connecting flash drive full of music. Running stock speakers which sounded good enough for me.

Uniden PRO538W CB, with PA speaker under hood. Instant channel 9, worked great as a trail CB. Will include SWR meter for tuning.

4' Firestik and Firestik Matchmaker AM/FM/CB antenna splitter to use one antenna for both radio and CB - works great.

Stewart coolant temp and oil pressure gauges in my custom mount to replace the notoriously unreliable factory dash gauges. Both are mounted but need wiring. The coolant sensor has been spliced into the upper hose with a high quality aluminum tee, the oil sender still needs to be installed, was going to do when I made the oil galley mod.

BF Goodrich KO2 tires in 31x10.50x15 bought 2 yrs ago and have only about 5k miles on them, no repairs, wearing even. Stock chromed steel wheels look great, couple spots where chrome has chipped and rust spots will develop but overall really, really nice.

Trailer brake control and tow wiring by prior owner to tow his aluminum fishing boat around Central Oregon - I have never used.

Snorkel from Malayasia, Rotomoulded Polyethylene (LLDPE), high strength and UV durable. I also bought all the tubing, fittings, and clamps (included) to relocate the differential breathers but have not been able to get to them - NO snorkel water crossings yet.

Hella Supertone Hi/Lo 118 db horns

Stainless steel battery tray and Platinum Diehard installed in Sept 2014. Has sat for a month and fired immediately.

Upgraded LED bulbs in brake and reverse lights

Other general maintenance like oil & filter, diff fluid, wipers, fuel and air filters, plugs & wires, dizzy cap & rotor.

One rust problem on bottom rear of passenger front fender, see photo. Driver side not an issue so I can't figure out why this happened, but it is one of the common problem spots for these trucks. Prior owner also backed into something which is why you see the dent in the back in the pics. Small rock chips turned into rust spots on hood. Fix the rust and the back dent, repaint, and this truck would sell for $15-20k based on what I've seen as I researched how to set my sale price.

If you want to run a carfax here's the VIN: JT3FJ62G0J0089000, or see AutoCheck later in this thread.

Clean title in hand, cash sale, face-to-face preferred, rig is in Bend, Oregon. Not in a rush to sell so no low-ballers please, this is a gorgeous, cool, highly desirable truck that is appreciating more every month, and I get at least one thumbs-up from someone every day I drive it;)

Contact me (Dave) through 541dash678dash584one or davedigerati aht geeeeemail-dot-com
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I copied my craigslist text straight into here and forgot to add that, done now in first line, thank you!
Thanks to 'Jake' who has a subscription to AutoCheck, here is the report for anyone interested. Just 3 owners and NW most all of its life;)

AutoCheck JT3FJ62G0J0089000.pdf
Great looking truck. GLWS!
I got a message I found odd, asking if I would negotiate the price, which OF COURSE I would do for a mud member!

So I figured I'd confirm it here if any others were wondering the same thing;)

Always better to keep it in the family where it'll get the most love
Ah yes, the familiar passenger side front fender rust. Mines worse than that. Nice truck!

BTW, there's no reason it couldn't drive to Alaska and back. Providing you can afford the gas, of course, but a 100 series won't be much difference. I drove mine to your area and back a couple years ago.
@89GASHOG You're completely right and I didn't mean to imply it would not be able to drive there tomorrow, merely that it wasn't the right vehicle for my family to do that trip in. The 100 series trades the 62's awesome good looks, ruggedness, and reliability for comfort, range, and more power for mountains and speed than the 62 will ever think about in stock trim. I could build my 62 to have all of those, but it would take me two years and $18k (I planned every step and had a shop lined up for the transplant). With my kids at 11 & 13 I just don't have 2 years to then start these bigger adventures.

SO - expect me to post lots of great adventure reports in the 100 section, and to be back in the 62 section in 5 years asking if anyone has seen my rig around... ;(
@89GASHOG The 100 series trades the 62's awesome good looks, ruggedness, and reliability for comfort, range, and more power for mountains and speed than the 62 will ever think about in stock trim...(

Fair enough. However, my family has always found the 62 to be plenty comfy.

I'm curious about the range comparison of the two series. Have you investigated this much yet? 100 has a fuel capacity that's about 1 1/2 gallons more, I believe. I didn't think MPG is much better with the 100, but don't know. Range is definitely a consideration with a Cruiser, though with adequate planning I haven't found it to be a limiting factor yet. Haven't done the Dalton or Dempster though.
My 62 gets around 200 miles per tank mixed highway/hills/trails (aka adventure driving), and so far my 100 has gotten 320 before fuel light came on. That said there seem to be more extended range tanks out there for the 62 so when built it would be better. But see prior emails about THAT;)
Back from out of country and out of comms - been asked a few times by folks that would need to ship it and yes am happy to work with you on that, and drop the price a bit to help you out - really want him to stay in the mud family where he'll be cared for;)
Willing to drop price for a good mud buyer - I can't even tell you how horrible a couple potential buyers from CLI have been lately.... PLEASE mudders find my rig a home in the community!

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