For Sale 1988 FJ62 in Manitowoc WI

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188,000 miles Asking $3500 Non-Smoker

Time for me to upgrade to an 80. I've had the 62 since december of 2010, and have driven it less than 4000 miles since then. I used it as my goose hunting rig and dog hauler. In the act of full disclousure here is the condition following no particular order. I've replaced the water pump with a rebuilt toyota one. Upper and lower hoses, t-stat and short hoses around that, and a couple of the longer heater hoses leading back to the mess along the engine with the hard lines and mix valve. Changed the diff lube F&R, transfer case and tranny fluid. New toyota pulsation damper. It's got clean engine oil with a WIX filter and a clean air filter. Engine leaks some oil but does not need any added between changes. Replaced the battery shortlyafter I got it as well. Engine runs great, starts right away and puts along like a good tractor should. All of the AC equip is present but I did not replace the AC comp belt when I did the rest, not sure if it works, I never tried it. I had the alt rebuilt at a local shop because I was getting an intermittant charging problem. The shop tested it and said it was putting out 85 amps and did not need a rebuild, I had them do it anyway and it teseted out to 93 amps, they gutted it and replaced everything. I have not had any problems since. When I got it the battery would drain down after a couple of days and would need a jump. I traced it down to the radio, I replaced it with a stock radio off of this board from another 62. All fo the windows go up and down, the front passanger one only works with its switch on that door, every now and then I can get it to move a little bit with the drivers master switch. Power locks work on most of the doors, can't remember which back door does not work. The rear license plate light sockets are rotted out like normal. Brakes are in good shape, the seller was a highschool autos teacher and had his students do the brakes. I replaced the tires with 31x10.5-15 retreads from Treadwright in the MTR pattern. They have less than 1500 miles on them and have perfoemed flawlessly. I will buy nothing but there tires from now on for my vehicles. The blacked out bumper and wheels is the result of a rattle can job, I cleaned all of the wheels and pained them withour roughing the surface, the bumper I DA'd before paintng, so far so good and I did it last spring. I replaced the torn drivers seat with a good passanger seat from a donor 60, the recline is on the wrong side but I never use it anyhow. The tranny slips a little bit when it is cold, after about 3 seconds of it being in gear it goes away. I mostly drive it under 45 mph and have had no problems. When I did get a bug to go faster I noticed that around 55mph there would be a vibration that would go away if I let off of the gas. If i accelerated past the 55 mark it would not happen. I;m not sure if it is the tranny or a u joint. The ujoints are all tight but a couple of them do not take any grease, I don't drive that much so I did not look into it any further. I figured I would run it untill the joint went out and replace them at that time. I recently installed a new exhaust from the cat back with a cherry bomb muffler and a walker tail pipe. I will let the pictures talk for themselves unless I come up with some other info. Feel free to ask any questions, I have nothing to hide.

I can sweeten the deal, I have what is left of an 87 fj60, i bought it to do a 4 speed swap. Here is the thread for what had been sold off of it. Everything is there for swaping trannys, plus extras. It does have a clear title with it as well. So for those just joining the ball game, the score is 2 cruisers for 3500 clams.

Best way to get ahold of me is email @

More pictures @ 1988FJ62 - Cegielski's Photos

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