1988 FJ62 For Sale

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United States
I’m reluctantly selling this beauty because I recently purchased a ’97 Land Cruiser and don’t have room in the driveway. I’ve owned it for almost 13 years and was the second owner. This car has been my daily driver and I have probably averaged 5K total miles a year for the last 10 years. The car is currently in Northern Virginia.

I’m asking $7800. (Please note- I’ve put $5000 into the car over the last 2 years. More info below.)

Here are some other details:

- Current mileage ~197,000 miles
- Original engine: Inline 6 cyl. (has been extremely reliable)
- Transmission and rear differential rebuilt summer ‘04. Transmission was modified slightly to allow for better cooling – great for towing. Less then 5K miles on vehicle since work was done.
- Other work done over last 2 years includes new radiator, alternator, battery, extensive brake work, replacing many trim parts (including front grill) and body work (to address some minor rust areas near mud flaps).
- Includes trailer hitch (Class 4) and wiring.
- Serviced at Land Cruiser Connection (until they moved from Sterling, VA to Winchester) and the local Toyota dealerships. (Transmission/differential work was done by a specialty transmission shop upon referral.)
- 13 years of maintenance records

I can be reached at 703-608-0888.

Pictures available at http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/bsemisch/album?.dir=/c0c0&.src=ph&.tok=phu6MYEBZhP8rccC
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