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Oct 26, 2017
Portland, OR
Selling my prized 1988 FJ62 Toyota Landcruiser. 210K Miles. Automatic. In Very Good Condition. Runs and drives great - have had all repairs done at Willamette Blvd Service Center - which is essentially a landcruiser only repair shop and Josh does a fantastic job. Have all docs. The rig lived its entire life here in Oregon. The nice thing about this rig is that 1) engine is fantastic 2) almost zero rust and 3) the paint is fantastic. These are one of the few rigs that goes up in value. Never been offroaded. I am the third owner. Have the Carfax report if you want to see it.

ENGINE/TRANSMISSION: Engine runs great, seriously had no problems. Had the transmission replaced three years ago by Josh at Willamette blvd Service Center. The transmission I put in was used but in great condition. As of about 4 months ago - the rig likes to be warmed up before it switches from 1st to 2nd gear. Only an issue in cold weather - and only takes 300-400 yards if you start cold. I try to warm it up for 4-5 minutes and that helps dramatically. Once it warms up there are no problems with it. Not an uncommon problem for these rigs.

BODY: Nearly rust free - a few very minor rust spots on the usual roof gutter spots (see pic). No rust on the undercarriage. Two very small dents the size of quarters on the body that are hardly noticable. The Front Bumper does have a dent in it - and the end cap needs to be replaced. If you replaced the end cap, you'd likely not even notice the dent. I installed new speakers and stereo consol. allows for charging and hands free calling.

INTERIOR: Carpet is clean but there is no carpet on the very back bed. Driver Seat is torn per the usual spot (the side near door), but I just have a sheep skin cover over it and you don't notice. The dash is cracked in two spots above the steering wheel, but most are and can be replaced for about $400 and an afternoon of work. AC doesn't work but just needs to be recharged. The Heater doesn't blow the hottest but I don't mind.

WHEELS/TIRES: Like new - prior owner put new ones on and are in great shape - should last many more years.

Great driving rig and in great shape for a 30 year old rig. Selling as I need a bigger rig to tow a trailer we bought.






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