1988 FJ62 for sale in Boston - $3300 or best offer

Feb 9, 2004
Please email me for detailed photos. noel_blair@hotmail.com Price is $3300 or best offer.

1988 Toyota Landcruiser FJ62

VIN# JT3FJ62G9J0095037

202k miles, I bought it three years ago at 195k. There were two prior owners, and I was told it’s never been off road.

Truck's in great shape, engine’s smooth, never had a problem. Frame strong. 4WD perfect. Everything works, but I’ll go through its issues:

When I first bought, Motorsport Garage in Allston thoroughly checked with an eye on safety and reliability… Largest items fixed were sway bar and brake rebuild.

Since then:
New Radiator + Hoses
New Tires
Alternator + Battery
Fuel Pump
Fuel Pressure Regulator

Regular tuneups, and oil changes. Recent full tuneup, dist cap, rotor

Signs of age:
Some play in steering wheel. Two mechanics have indicated it’s just normal wear, nothing to do about it.
Slight slip when accelerating between first and second gear.
Soft suspension.
I was told by Motorsport 3 years ago that the left catalytic converter would eventually need replacing, rust will eventually compromise it… prior owner replaced the exhaust.
None of these issues have progressed noticeably since I bought it.

Cosmetic items: I tried to capture in the photos…
It has some rust which I treated a couple years ago with POR-15 products, a modest improvement but not my specialty. You’ll notice a couple small dents from being parked on the street, one on the driver door, one at the left rear tail light. Spare tire carrier was removed when fuel pump was replaced. For now I keep the spare in the back.

Everything else is in great shape. It just needs to be driven more. Don't hesitate to contact me with questions. Thanks for your interest.

Noel Blair
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