1988 fj62 3fe engine

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Mar 30, 2005
United States
I did a diesel conversion on an FJ62 and have the origional engine that I removed. It had a blown headgasket so I removed the head and rebuilt it and put it back on, I drove the rig for a few k miles then removed the engine for the conversion. The engine runs good and did not use oil. It is complete with the ecm. I used the alternator and flywheel during the conversion. It has approx 300k mi on it. I have no history of any major work but can tell it has had some. Engine is in Medford, Or. Email me @ DGEORGE@CYBERPC.COM.
Hi DAVE! I am going to have to come see your FJ 62 as anyone who finds out on this forum that you have a CUMMINS 6BT in your rig they will want to see pictures!

Glad to see you advertising that motor here.
3fe engine

Asking $850 for all parts removed, still has power steering pump, ac compressor, starter, fan and completer air intake system on engine.
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I think you would like it, I really enjoy tinkering on rigs. I did a 6a turbo conversion in an FJ40 back in 98. Needed more power to pull my ocean boat to the coast so I did this conversion. Have the FJ40 up for saly currently. May put it on this wedsite if it doesnt sell pretty soon. I get between 20 & 30 mpg on the
Fj40, havent driver the FJ62 enough yet to know the mileage.

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