For Sale 1988 FJ-62 - mostly restored. (1 Viewer)

Nov 11, 2014
United States
Listed on Craigslist in Austin, Texas (I can't link since I am new to forum)

-Two Tone Blue Grey Color
-Auto transmission, fuel injected, 4x4 w/ overdrive and fuel injection
-244,000 miles, Tranny is solid and I was told it was rebuilt by previous owner. I have no proof.
-Power windows and doors. All work.
-New custom speakers and Panasonic Bluetooth radio 2013 with hands free microphone.
-New A/C installed in 2013
-New Tires 2013 BF Goodrich All Terrain T/A 32"
-Iron Man 2" lift and suspension, shocks, etc 2013
-New Marine Grade Vinyl Interior with memory foam fro nt seats 2013
-New Brake Master Cylinder 2014
-New Power Steering Pump 2013
-New Washer Pump 2013
-Tinted Windows with Solar Gain Glazing
-Throttle lever for wench installation
-Old Man Emu steering stabilizer 2013
-Rust Free
-Detachable locking hitch/ tow kit

While this is a great car, it is 26 years old and it is not perfect. There is a small leak in the rear main seal that is not worth fixing at this point. I hope the next owner will enjoy this car as much as I have.


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