For Sale 1988 BJ74 - Seattle, WA

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United States
Time for me to let go of the coolest thing I’ve ever owned to get something bigger.

I’ve owned it for 3 years, driven it 70,000 miles in that time. It’s taken me all over the country and I even lived out of it for 6 months while driving around the country. Never left me stranded.

It has a 3B Diesel engine; previous owner swapped out the 13bt into another cruiser.
Engine has ~200k on it, not even half into its life. It’s not a powerhouse, but it cruises at 70 down the freeway no problem.

I’ve put huge amounts of preventative maintenance into it but here’s a few big things that come to mind:
-Replaced clutch, flywheel, and all hydraulics
-Rebuilt transfer case
-Rebuilt front axle and replaced both birfields

-Full OME heavy duty suspension done less than a year ago
-5 SCS F5 16x8 with 285/75/16 Cooper S/T Maxx
-LED headlights

Bad things:
-quite a bit of body rust. Fenders and rockers have a few holes. Rear quarters were chopped and patch panels made.
-probably needs a new exhaust. It’s pretty janky but it’s lasted a couple years.
-Interior turn signal indicators and hazards don’t work. Didn’t bother me enough to ever figure out why.
-glove box handle broke off

$7800 OBO. Only trades I would consider are 4x4 vans or trucks with campers. Have cash to put on top for the right trade.





Love the back area build out. Cool truck. GLWS
How long is the platform in the back? Any pictures of the worst rust areas?
I know this is deep in the for sale ads now, but are you still wanting to sell?

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