For Sale 1988 BJ74 for sale or trade for HZJ75

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United States
For sale or trade for a BJ75 or HZJ75 Troopy.

Auction link: 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser | eBay

Toyota Land Cruiser BJ74 LX in great condition. The only reason I'm selling this is because I want a BJ75 or HZJ75; a slightly longer truck to convert to a camper. I am open to trades for these models.

$15,500 OBO
Ebay doesn't recognize the import VIN, so I used 111... for the listing. 1988 is the correct year, and 2bg3091x40001264 is the actual original import VIN.

-Truck is running well and has been a daily driver for three years. Well taken care of. Originally imported from Japan to Canada, then moved to Texas.
-Legendary 13B-T, 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine, with 5 speed H55F manual transmission.
-It has 360xxx kilometers (about 221k miles )
-Right hand drive.
-Rebuilt alternator
-Comes with the factory PTO winch (powered by transmission directly, very strong) though will need to be re-installed.
-Front axle was recently rebuilt, with a bigger front caliper from an FJ-60
-New front Spartan mechanical locker
-Transfer case and 4x4 work great.
-Power steering
-Factory A/C, blows cold but has a slow leak, needs recharge every 4 to 5 months.
-Heater works great.
-Newer aftermarket radio/CD player works.
-No cracks in the windshield.
-FRP top in good condition, could use new window seals on rear windows, but no leaks at the moment.
-Manual windows, automatic locks.
-Tow hitch installed.
-Safari snorkel
-Rear seatbelts
-nice custom side rails and bumpers
-FRP (fiberglass) top is easily removable, and the front windshield folds down.
-Digital (PDF) english language repair and maintenance manuals for Transmission, Engine, and Chassis included.

-Very clean exterior paint and body.
-The interior is in good shape. Seats in excellent condition except one small tear in the passenger side front seat, and a little scuff on the vinyl of the drivers side. Carpet in great shape. A few rips in the back roof liner, though front roof liner clean. Dash is in good shape, except for one crack on the passenger side vinyl. Cabin light works.
-Solid frame

-2.5 inch lift kit
-It has almost new tires (BG Goodrich 33) with newer FJ cruiser wheels, with a spare.

-It had some rust on the fender like all the 70 series'. Most of the rusted panels were replaced with new sheet metal, sound dampening, and painted. It's not rust free but most of it is gone.
-Small oil leak, just from rear main seal and oil pan gasket, typical of a 30 year old truck and most Landcruisers.
-Starter takes two seconds to wind down after crank, but starts every time, even after sitting in the cold for weeks. Will last a lot longer, and could have it rebuilt.

-Private message me for a phone number.
-The vehicle is currently in Texas, and I'll be driving it out to California in mid-January. It will live in Topanga Canyon near LA all of February. I can deliver anywhere in the Southwest on my way in January. Will also ship anywhere.





Is this rig still for sale?

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