1987 SWB 70 series with 3.0 2010 Diesel engine for a Daily Driver.


Sep 11, 2021
Guatemala, Guatemala
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Hi everyone. I posted this on the minitruck section and someone suggested posting it here. Appreciate any comments regarding the engine swap and any personal suggestions.

I am thinking about buying a 1987-1995 SWB 70 series. I hace found an interesting one which is a 1987 model and the engine has been swapped with a 2010 3.0 Diesel from a Prado. I will see it next week and test drive it. I know the reliability for the engine is great, however my main concern besides that the installation was done proper is the heavy traffic here in my country, since I have another vehicle it will not be my main ride, but on occasions I will need to drive it 35-40 miles with heavy standstill traffic (2-4 hours). Here are some pictures that the seller sent, he is asking for almost $12K. the price for a stock model from a similar year for what I have seen runs around $8K or probably a little less.

The car seems to be taken care of but not sure if price is too high, or should I consider another vehicle like an FJ Cruiser. I know there is quite a difference between both, but I will occasionally will need a child seat in the back. I understand both are not the most practical as a family car, but besides having to commute, the idea is to be able to go visit my dad every couple of months which means I will go through 12 miles of dirt, that get very messy during the rainy season.

I have seen FJ Cruiser for some where around the $14K here. But need to consider if the extra money for purchase can compensate the fact that I am buying a more reliable car and also a more modern car, which doesnt necessarily mean better.

i appreciate any comments or suggestions.

I am attaching some pictures. And hopefully when I check it out I will upload more specially about the new engine installation. I got a video from the owner and seem to be pretty running smooth. But I understand that without seeing it, its difficult to consider how the job was done.

I know those wheels and tires are not going to stay if I decide to buy it.





Jul 22, 2003
Perth Western Australia
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or should I consider another vehicle like an FJ Cruiser.

Yes, if the priority is a reliable safe family car. The FJ is still a competent offroader. The 70 swb looks like it has been molested on every square inch of it. In my experience, these vehicles are money pits and head aches. Looks like a repaint , so the body would need careful examination for rust. Those wheels/tyres would have to be replaced if you want to be serious about going offroad.

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