For Sale 1987 Quad Cab Turbo Diesel Hilux for sale - Boston

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United States

Too much snow and need the space

Just imported a 1987 Aussie Crew Cab Turbo diesel Hilux

Truck is in my driveway here in Millis, MA

REBUILT 2.4L Turbo Diesel. I have $9,000 in receipts for mechanical work done on the truck. Rebuilt engine, new turbo, new radiator, new suspension, etc. Mechanically its exellent.

Runs and drives fantastic. Brakes and clutch are great. Could easily be a daily driver.

Newer tires and the SOA suspension is new.

Original paint with original decals. The cab corners and floors are excellent with zero rust.

The frame is perfect.

This truck was originally a government vehicle in AU so was well taken care of.

Safari Snorkel

Aluminum winch bumper with sliders


The bad - Drivers side A pillar has some rot. the bed is rusted in the usual spots. The inside of the bed looks to have been painted with house paint....not sure if this was to prevent further rust. the tailgate is heavily rusted on the bottom but a US version should fit easily.

Really the main thing that needs work is the bed.

Upholstery is shot as you would expect for vinyl seats in a 25 year old truck. The seat covers inside look good. Just wanted to disclose that so nobody thought the seats were mint for some reason. The headliner is 95% great with a small portion of the rear right corner hanging down a bit.

Drivers inner door handle has tape on it. should be somewhat easy to find a replacement

NOTE: I'm heading to the DMV next week to apply for the title. If anyone is interested in buying who lives in a Bill Of Sale state (who doesnt need an actual title) then I can skip the RMV and the 4 week wait for a title to arrive in the mail. Otherwise the title will be here in Mid January. If you are in a bill of sale state, I have all the valid, stamped import paperwork and the info from the person I bought it from to prove it was legitimately imported.

Asking $12k or best. Small wiggle room for Mud Members.

A really rare and fun rig!

Please contact me with questions via Mud Mail or call

John - 617-foureightzero- 6693
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mo pics
5 aug 14 278.JPG
5 aug 14 287.JPG
and a few mo
and mo
hilux 3.JPG
last ones
Nice truck ,but it must be a cold ride, with no heat...
True. Heater core is in the truck
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The caps and rubber grommets on the heater core look new. I wonder if the heater core was replaced and just not hooked up? A quick pressure test would be good. Hooking up some hoses and getting a heater valve is a lot less work than replacing the core.
Heater core IS in the truck. Fan works too. Just needs to be hooked up. Spoke to the PO and he said they didnt bother hooking it back up after the rebuild since they never used it.
Killer rig! GLWS
What would be the mpg on that little truck with a diesel engine?
I would guess 35mpg
Heard back from the previous owner.....the engine was rebuilt at 238000kms so about 40,000kms on the rebuild. Just thought I'd add that before I forgot that detail
Did the PO have the head swapped out with the steel 2.8 liter version when he did the rebuild? If the head has aluminum on it, I highly suggest removing the turbo. If the head is steel you're golden.
Title arrived today so the truck is ready to roll into a new garage.
Price drop to $12k. The snow piles here are insane and I need the space

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