For Sale 1987 FJ60 Rust Free - Northern California

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United States
1987 FJ60 with 155k miles located in Davis, California. Rust free with some minor dents and dings on body. Original Powertrain (2F w/ 4 Speed Manual). Recently replaced radiator (previous one had small leak). Also replaced thermostat, hoses, water pump, fuel pump, rebuilt carburetor and replaced all vacuum lines. New Fuel Filter, Oil Filter and Air Filter. Starts and runs well.

A/C does not work, refrigerant leaked from system, have not investigated replacing. Typical amount of oil leaking from a cruiser of this vintage (marking its territory!). Does come with new Oil Pan Gasket. Headlight washer bottle is cracked in the engine, hasn't been needed much in CA.

Pictures are below, feel free to PM with any questions. Price is $8,500





Your ad states that the mileage is 155K, though the dash pic appears to show 250K on the odo. Could you clarify this? Any chance you could post some pics of the undercarriage, seats without covers, engine? Thanks.
I apologize, typo in the original post. The mileage in the dash photo is correct, 250k. Forum won't let me edit my original post yet. Also, I had never taken the covers off the front seats. Always meant to and now I have, I see the Driver's side is a mess. Passenger/Rear both good, but now I see why the original owner had covers put on. With that in mind, I am dropping the price to $7750.

More photos below:




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