1987 FJ60 Project Rust Repair Begins

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Jul 16, 2016
Lubbock, Texas (Panhandle)
Well, Long time lurker first time poster. Tons of great info on here. Thought I would share my amateur rust resto on here as I have taken bits and pcs to come up with my own method of how to tackle this. I'm sure I will have questions along the way and I just started today. Used to do sheet metal work for commercial roofing company so I am somewhat familiar with sheet metal fab (no welding experience for this application however). Couldn't bring myself to spend the money for the wolf or cruiser corp. patch panels so I am trying my hand at body panel fab. All new steel is cold rolled 18 gauge. We will see how it goes. Open to suggestions.
Looks like you're off to a great start and definitely moving along!

Here's a link to a thread I posted on ours a while back with similar issues. I was definitely a novice, learning as I went along, but I had fun with it and learned a lot for sure!

Been working on our 62...
Yup same situation as @SonnyAK and pretty much have rust in the same spots that one of the POs covered with lots and lots of bondo. Got one rear quarter done before I had to return the welder to family member I was borrowing from.

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