For Sale 1987 22re...Drive it before You Buy


Oct 6, 2009
Calhoun, GA
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I have a 1987 22re for sale from a 4runner. It has 288k on the odometer. I have no idea of the history of the engine other than it was rebuilt by a Toyota mechanic for his daughter to drive back and forth to school. I bought it from a young kid who bought it from the mechanic. Never titled in the kids name.

The bad:

When I got it, the front top exhaust manifold bolt was stripped causing a leak. Likely, the exhaust valve is burned. I used a heli coil and fixed the bolt asap, no exhaust leaks now. It uses and leaks a little oil (Rear Main - Easy fix with engine out), 1/2 qt per 300 miles. When I first got the truck there was no oil use or leaking. I ran some synthetic oil and sea foam through for a cleanout and the leaks and usage started. I went back to high mileage conventional oil and its getting better. Likely cleaned out all of the deposits. Small puff of white smoke on start up and after extended idle. No visible smoke when driving.

The good:

Power is good and fuel economy is between 19.2-20.35. That’s with the 31" tires. The only reason I'm not rebuilding is that I cant wait for parts and labor. I plan on doing a 22re performance long block. This engine will be sold as a long block. I replaced the valve cover gasket and the timing chain looked good. It is set at 6 BTC which it runs best at.

I have not performed a compression test. I drive the truck 70 miles round trip per day and have for 4 months about 6k miles so far. No issues what so ever. That’s how I calculated the fuel milage range. Email any questions to . I will try to keep up on here as well. Drive this truck and you will not be dissapointed. Thanks!!

Location: Calhoun, GA 30701
Price: $800
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