1986 Toyota Landcruiser won't start

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Jul 4, 2016
Hi all, I have a 1986 cruiser - diesel. Hasn't missed a beat UNTIL this morning. Cranked her over ...nothing.
Checked there is fuel to injectors..yes. Don't know anything more about her - glow blugs except the dash shows its on for 3-4 seconds. Any suggestions???
hi , take a look to the edic system ... look if it is in " run " position when key is "on" before starting , if no discnonect it... hope help you
pump the primer
Which diesel is it? Toyota had 4 diesels in Australia in 86 and they had different start up methods.
Most likely air in the injection pump. You may have fuel in the injectors but it wont make any difference if there is air in the pump because it wont have enough pressure.
Is your primer pump leaking fuel?
Does it have a fuel cutoff solenoid like the 1hdt? they fail pretty regularly

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