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Mar 8, 2011
United States
Putting out a bit of a feeler for my BJ70, I'm thinking about building a 60 instead. I won't be ready to sell until I have a 60 to replace it. (Going to look at one next week). Not willing to be left cruiserless right now :hillbilly:

Anyway it is a canadian BJ70, 3b, 5 speed. 24v. 235,000 miles on it, runs great uses no oil.
It has a new spartan locker in the rear as well. I still have the spider gear parts if open is preferred.

I did he turbo job last summer. it's a garret T25. It makes boost right off the line and the wastegate is set to 9psi (manual boost controller).

It has a custom 2.5" stainless exhust right from the turbo back.

I've added a boost gauge and a digital pyrometer (pre turbo)
It doesn't really get hotter then 1200-1250f

Also last summer I installed new OME suspension, replaced all the tie rods and bought a set of 5 BFG km2's 33x10.5

Interior is in great shape for the age, no tears in the seats or carpets.

When I bought it 2 years ago I did a fairly extensive rust repair to the wheel wells, cut out all the rust a fabricated new panels (I do aircraft sheetmetal for work). I used about 7 tubes of sealer and 4 cans of rust paint on the insides afterwords, I was not interested in having to fix it again haha.

The frame is in great shape it has never been patched.

The exterior is pretty good. paint has a few imperfections, the paint job over the rust work wasn't the best, I always wanted to re do it at some point.

Around the same time I put in a new clutch and rebuilt the transfer case.

The only thing that will be differnt than the pictures is I want to keep the bumper and winch. I will put the stock chrome bumper back on.

Overall it has been a great truck and it has been a tough decision to list it.
I have many pictures I could share if interested.

Looking for $17,000usd.
Located in Victoria BC. I would be willing to deliver to the northwest if that helps.

Also would consider partial trade for a 60/62



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Nov 5, 2004
Nice rig! If I had the scratch I'd be all over this. Plus it would be the best excuse to get back to the Rock.

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