1986-1995 Aisin manual hubs rebuilt! Sac, Ca

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Oct 15, 2010
Middle Tennessee
United States
i have a pair of Aisin manual hubs for 1986-1995 IFS 4x4 pick ups and 4 runners. they have brand new dial seals, and star gaskets for the dial faces. the seals were purchased from toyota directly. the hub faces and dials have been stripped, primed, painted and detailed. they are better than new. greased up and ready to throw on your rig. notice the letters stand out and look great. im asking 180 + shipping. they come with the necessary hardware to install. they are packaged up professionally and ready to ship within a day of purchase.


heres my craigslist post for them. PM me, email, text or cal me.

http://sacramento.craigslist.org/pts/4005354699.html :cheers:
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tuesday bump
these are going for 200+ even on ebay in original un restored condition
I have never had any luck selling ifs hubs. Nobody around where I am from wants them. They always want the solid axle ones. GLWS
i have sold quite a few sets already. they are just a little slower. no problem. they will sell eventually
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^^^ this is true people
Sold! Thank you IH8MUD!

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