1985 Toyota 4x4 Chinook Turbodiesel

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United States
Rebuilt engine with new head, bumper is set up for 8274, full sliders all around, solid frame, interior needs to be finished to your liking, originally built for trip to South America. Finish my one of a kind project, over $14K CND invested, asking 10K CND or 8K USD to start, may trade for another landcruiser (don't tell the wife...) Truck is located near to Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Thanks!


Pictures by crazybushman - Photobucket
Great looking project.

Too bad you are so far away from me......Canada to GA = lots of gas and time = $$$$$$$$

how does it perform with the diesel ???

Too bad those things have so much rear overhang....:eek:

Bump for a cool project
bump for a cool project! What engine is in there?

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