SOLD 1985 Land Cruiser HZJ70 - Sold

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Selling my 1985 Toyota Land Cruiser (HZJ70). Clean and clear Ohio title in hand. Truck was previously registered in California so I would assume it could be registered there again. This truck is smog exempt, so it will never need a smog check. The truck is 12 volts so all the items and accessories are corresponding 12V.

I purchased this Land Cruiser in March 2011 from West Coast Cruisers in San Diego, CA. The truck was imported from Canada and is a Left-Hand Drive (LHD) truck. It has a 4.2L 1HZ Diesel engine to which I fitted a Toyota CT26 Turbo kit. I assembled the kit using all Toyota 1HDT OEM parts from exhaust manifold, to all the cooling bits (including Toyota hoses and clamps) to make it a correct Toyota installation. A Toyota Boost Compensator was also installed when the turbo was added. The truck has a new Terrain Tamer HD clutch, pressure plate, and throw-out bearing (Exedy Japanese Products). Flywheel was grinded and resurfaced prior to installation. It has a new H55f manual transmission that I bought from Land Cruiser Parts and Consulting (Onur) and JimC replaced the input shaft of the transmission to the correct 1HZ style. The transfer case halves were purchased from Georg at Valley Hybrids to accommodate the Advance Adapters 4:1 gear set on it. All the bearings in the transfer case are also new. Truck has Factory Toyota Cable Lockers. All wheel bearings and knuckle bearings are new, using Koyo bearings. West Texas Off-Road rebuilt the power steering box and new hoses were used when installed back on the truck. Cooling system is new including radiator, water pump, and hoses (all Toyota parts). Injectors on the 1HZ engine were rebuilt by Progressive Truck and Tractor in Bixby, OK and new Toyota gaskets were used at the time of the install. JimC replaced the connecting rod bearings (BEB) using Taiho Japanese bearings (apparently Toyota doesn’t sell STD replacement connecting rod bearings). A Walbro FRB-5 and an Auxiliary fuel filter (dual fuel filters) were also added to extend longevity of the fuel system.

This is a 32-year-old vehicle, so it is not perfect, but it is nice and clean for its age.

The truck was taken down to the frame within the last two years. The frame was chemically cleaned at American Metal Cleaning and Galvanized in AZZ Galvanizing here in Cincinnati. Later the frame was painted with POR-15 Semi-Gloss. The truck was repainted about 5 years ago, never driven in the Ohio winters (due to the salty roads). The front doors are new-take-off from ENS Toyota and they were painted at the same time the truck was painted. Truck has the Toyota Factory Snorkel with the Factory correct snorkel-type air box. This truck has been my project for the last 6 years. I have spent hundreds of hours refreshing the sub-system under the hood and the entire drivetrain. I have invested over $25k+ in parts alone (not including labor or the actual cost of the truck) into this truck. I would not hesitate to drive it from San Francisco to New York and back and not worry about anything. This truck is solid and runs great.

A number of upgrades were added along the way, such as:
  • Toyota CT26 Turbo kit
  • Toyota Boost Compensator Kit for the 1HZ Injection Pump
  • 3” Exhaust System with no muffler (turbo kills most of the engine noise)
  • ISSPRO GAUGE WIRING HARNESS for the 3 gauges
  • Toyota H55f Transmission
  • Advance Adapters 4:1 gearset for the Tcase
  • Terrain Tamer HD Clutch Kit (Exedy Japanese)
  • Toyota Clutch Master and Slave Cylinders
  • Denso 2.7Kw Starter
  • Toyota Fuel Cutoff Solenoid
  • Taiho Connecting Rod Bearings (BEB)
  • Old Man Emu 2.5” lift kit
  • Old Man Emu Shocks
  • 4+Plus U-Bolt Flip Kit with Zinc Plated U-Bolts
  • 35x12.5 R15 Goodyear MTR tires and Toyota wheels (less than 4K miles since new)
  • Alpine Stereo system with 2 Rockford speakers
  • Factory Toyota Suspension seats
  • Toyota Cable Lockers
  • Longfield Super Axles front axle shafts
  • Toyota OEM Snorkel
  • Special Anniversary Edition front bumper with Warn 10,000 lbs winch
  • INTI made rear bumper to mimic the Kaymar style bumper
  • Cruisin Off-Road rock sliders (
  • Cruisin Off-Road Transmission and Tcase skid plate
  • Toyota OEM Jerry Can Holder and License Plate Holder
  • Traigater table and aluminum panels in the cargo compartment
  • INTI made 6-point roll cage with cargo divider (rear seat will go with the truck)
  • (2) Duracell Batteries with 3 year warrantee from Batteries+ (from this date)
  • Hella H4 Headlights
  • ARB Wireloom upgrade for Headlights
  • Toyota U-joints in front and rear driveshafts
  • Koyo wheel and knuckle Bearings
  • Toyota OEM front rotors (within the last 300 miles)
  • Shell Rotella Synthetic 5W-40
  • Toyota OEM Oil Filter (~9 quarts)
  • Toyota OEM Oil Pressure Sending Unit
  • Valvoline Synthetic Gear oil in Transmission, Tcase, and Axles
  • Toyota OEM 70-series Radiator (steel tanks)
  • Toyota OEM Water Pump
  • Toyota OEM Fan Clutch
  • Toyota OEM Thermostat and Thermostat Gasket
  • Toyota OEM Cooling Hoses
  • Toyota OEM Turbo Cooling pipes and hoses (1HDT style)
  • Toyota OEM Alternator (1FZ Style)
  • Toyota OEM Valve Cover Gasket
  • Toyota OEM Intake and Exhaust Manifold Gaskets
  • Toyota OEM Turbo Gaskets
  • Toyota OEM Timing Belt
  • Toyota OEM Timing Belt Tensioner
  • Toyota OEM Cam Shaft Seal
  • Diesel Injector Overhaul with Toyota Gaskets
  • Toyota OEM Fuel Filter
  • Toyota OEM Fuel Pick-up and Return (in fuel tank)
  • Walbro FRB-5 Auxiliary Fuel Pump
  • WIX Auxiliary Diesel Fuel Filter installed on frame rails (where LPSV used to be)
  • Wilwood Proportioning Valve for rear brakes
  • AISIN Brake Master Cylinder (1” diameter from a 80-series)
  • Toyota OEM Brake Hoses (Soft Lines)
  • Toyota OEM Air Intake Hoses (1HDT Style)
  • West Texas Off-Road Power Steering Box
  • and other items I am sure I am forgetting
I only used Toyota OEM Parts where available and most of the work was performed within the last 24 months. I have driven this truck less than 2K miles since and it has been flawless. I love this truck, but some family responsibilities are forcing me to sell it.

I have a build thread on IH8MUD documenting all the work that has been done to the 70 since I bought it:





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This is an awesome truck ,someone is getting the deal of a lifetime.

Good luck with the sale Alberto,I am pretty sure you will regret selling this beauty you poured your heart and soul into !
Gotta say that as good as the truck is, half the reason to buy this truck is the guy that built it and is selling it.

Alberto is an engineer and easily one of the best owner/builders on MUD. More important is that he is an honest, nice guy that I and most of my closest friends trust.

Just sayin' - this is THE rig to buy for the diesel 70 wheeling buyer. Let someone else spend $100k+ for a restored diesel 40.

It is the real deal, a working definition of a well crafted 1HZ turbo shorty with LHD - a pink unicorn if ever there was one....

Most of the routine excuses to not buy a 70 Series have been eliminated here ........
LHD ...................................Check
Turbocharged 1HZ .............. Check
5 speed gearbox .................Check
Well thought out accessories..Check
Near perfect color **.............Check
Located within a one day's drive of most of the major population areas and most importantly it was built by
a Consummate Professional

** Moab camo
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Wow, that is a beautiful truck. Amazing work!
An amazing opportunity for someone. My dream Cruiser! GLWS, though I doubt you'll need any luck...
:doh:Just noticed the full roll cage on this beauty. This could be a problem for a tall person, such as myself.
I can not believe this has not sold yet ! By far the most bang for your buck on any 70 series available in the US at this point and put together with care love and very expensive parts! There will not be a second one like this for sale ever so grab it while you can,if I had not already started a new HZJ73 build I would have been all over it !

Good luck with the sale

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