For Sale 1985 FJ60

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United States
Original condition 1985 Toyota LandCruiser.
197,xxx miles
$9000 obo.
Seattle, WA.

Upgrades include:
- 5 Speed Manual (H55)
- BDS Suspension
- H4 Headlights and wiring harness
- Wet Okole Seat Covers
- Toyo AT Open Country tires
- Alpine stereo with satellite radio
- Tuffy center console
- Toyota OEM Aussie mirrors (not shown in photo)
- Toyota OEM bumper end caps (not shown in photo)
- Inclinometer
- AutoMeter gauges (Vacuum, Water Temp, Oil Pressure) Factory gauges work fine, just wanted a 2nd opinion)

Repairs with OEM parts include:
- New intake/exhaust manifold
- Water pump and hoses
- PS pump replacement
- Vacuum lines replaced
- Knuckle rebuild

Overall in good condition for a 30 year old vehicle. A few surface rust spots (very minor). I have owned and babied this vehicle for the past 10 years.
FJ60 side.jpg
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