For Sale 1985 fj60 w/ sb350 - solid rig.

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United States
What you are looking at is my pride and joy. A 1985 FJ60 with a Chevy 350 Small block with 202 heads (202 heads are sought after and increase horsepower) mated up to the standard H42 4 speed tranny with a Marks of Australia Adapter kit. The carb is a Quadrajet (electric choke) carb that I had a local guy rebuild that has been perfect (requires no tweaking). The cooling system is massive and does a great job keeping this thing cool and has a manual override switch in the cab. It will not overheat! It has a new clutch, new master cylinders (clutch and brake), new plugs, battery, thermostat, fuel filter, brake cylinders, and both head gaskets had to be replaced about 20K ago. The ignition system is a MSD system that is very efficient and helps add power. I recently spent about 80.00 bucks doing all the fluids in all the boxes. A buddy and I rebuilt the hubs. The transmission and Transfer Case are impeccable. The motor has no more than 40,000 miles on it. I bought it with 18,000 miles. Bowtie motors in Sumner, WA built it – my only complaint with their work was the cheapy gaskets they had put in. I replaced with FEL-PRO when my heads gaskets started to go bad – no problems since. It has a nice stereo with MP3 Aux cable, amp, Boston Acoustics speakers. Over all if you are a cruiser enthusiast this rig is a good one. Ohh yeah it has a ARB front bumper wired with KC lights (that work) and is ready for a winch. The rig total miles is about 190,000 ish. This Truck is also smog exempt WA.
Now what could be fixed:
This rig 26 years old so it needs some body work—over all, corrosion is not bad at all. The hood is bent up and scratched. The rear tailgate is rusting out , there is no a/c (there is heat), rear windows handles need to be fixed, the rear axle seals should be replaced as they leak which means new brake shoes in the rear, there is a heater plunger valve that needs to be replaced (just makes an annoying noise at times), rear subwoofer speaker got ripped when I loaded a bike in the back, although the carpet is decent, I would rhino line it all.

Interested in trades for gas efficient ride that's nice, a nice large motorcycle, or $7K. Now lowballers.

1985 FJ60 - SB 350 pictures by welch2905 - Photobucket


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Does look like a Rover with those wheels.. nice rig though
Wheels and rubber off 2008 FJ-Crusier. Rover? Really? Never heard that before. Thanks for the compliment though.
Thanks! The motor is a Bowtie Performance Build out of Sumner WA. I am not sure as to how hold that motor was I just know that I bought this rig 2 years ago when it had 18K on and within 1500 miles I had blown a head gasket. Right now that motor has about 40,000 miles on it max. When my mechanic replaced them we had found that Bowtie had used cheap head gaskets - I did both and we installed a pair of Fel-Pro Gaskets. The under carage is great - I see zero frame rust. (will get pics if interested). Tailgate rust is standard issue. In this area we don't get a lot of salt so corrosion isn't really an issue. It towes great and has a lot of power to boot. The motor dropped about 150 pounds in motor weight and added about 20-25% horse power. Tires are a little wider than standard pizza cutters - I think they help with towing. I towed a couple of hunting quads with it over the cascades and it did just fine. Ran 65 the whole way. There is no way it would ever pass emissions as they code it for the 6 cyl factory motor. It's running a hopped up V8 - any v8 would fail -- here in WA once a vehicle hits 25 years old they are exempt from smog reqs - so it is exempt now. Although, when I did buy it had a current smog cert from a different county.
Bump for reduced price x 2 $5000

bump for price reduction - 5000.00

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