1985 FJ60 (v8 700R4)

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United States
Buy my FJ60

Super clean. My ROTW thread is here: https://forum.ih8mud.com/60-series-wagons/216127-rotw-bman.html#post3229480

Please post questions in this thread and not the rotw thread. My PM box is full so I ask that you email me at "empigod" at the mail server "yahoo.com"

I am asking obo Also included but not mentioned in the rotw thread is a Milemarker 8k lb winch (used but works) and 5 Maxxis Brand new bighorns in 255/85/16 tires but no wheels for them.

I'm not likely to budge too much just yet so please don't come at me with crazy lowball offers. I will answer any questions you may have here or through email.

Thanks for looking.
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good luck selling it dude, that truck is awesome. If I had a 10 car garage and more cash it would be mine.
Sweetness! Wishin' I had extra $$$
Bump for offers...
I would insult you if I told you how much I had to spend...but I do like...no LOVE your rig!!! Great job.
Nope, wouldn't insult me one bit actually. All I have to do is say no. I appreciate the fact that you like the truck. I had a guy email me today with atrade for a WRX wagon. I won't be trading but everything is out there on the table. Now if he had come to me with a clean splitscreen vw bus... then we might be taking trade. It's kinda one of those lets see what comes of this deals. I'm open to offers and trades, but it's gotta be something that really interests me, ya know.
For some reason I can't PM from the crackberry. Email me at jmaruschak@earthcon.net to receive your insult offer.
email sent... bump for the weekend.
Truck is back on the market.

Maxxis tires are mounted and installed on Tacoma spares. Major changes in life have me motivated to move this truck. Shoot me a cash offer and we can talk. Would consider trade for 2006 and down 4x4 Seqoia only, nothing else. Bring all offers as the worst thing I can say is no. Well I might actually insult your mother if you get rediculous... Just sayin.

Just realized my email was wrong... edited for new email address for those interested.
Is it still up for sale?
I see a AC compressor on the engine so it does have ac?
did you get the sliders and bumpers built?
Recent pictures?
Also sent you a e-mail
Not much of a gambler but thanks for the offer...


I got your emails last night. The A/C has not been hooked up. I put the compressor in place in order to get everything up and running but never gotr around to hooking everything up. The bumpers and sliders never came around. The only noticeable change from the pictures in the original thread is the addition of the maxxis tires. I will try to get some fresh pics up in the next day or so.

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