1985 FJ60 Steering Shaft Play

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Sep 9, 2007
Vegas Baby !
It has been a while since I have posted and I cannot believe it has been almost 10 years since I bought my '60. It has served me well !

The Intermediate Steering Shaft (The one at the base of the steering column) Is developing some play that is starting to get annoying ESP off Road. I can put my hand on the joint and move the steering wheel and the play in the joint can be felt. I looked at the FSM and it looks like I have to remove the steering column to get in get in and replace the shaft.

If you have done this repair before and if it was your rig is there anything else you would replace since you have to do a bunch work to get at it anyway?

What happens when these joints fail? Can the separate and can you loose steering control ?

Where is the best place to order the parts from these days.. I have not had to order stuff in a while and $OR has not gotten any cheaper.

Thanks in advance.


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I will get back to you on the part number.
I was trying to call Japan, I know someone will get it. Thanks @Output Shaft
makes me wonder where you work.;)
^^^ You must have Siri on speed dial :clap:, I just call people I know who works at the dealer or overseas if nothing shows up here.
Nice.. Thanks all.. Dig the bat cave !

The repair went well.. just follow the FSM

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