1985 fj60 heater barely blows any air

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Oct 3, 2009
I have a 1985 fj60 and it barely blows any air at all, is the air intake obstructed? Could that cause the low pressure? I put a new blower motor, and its spinning full speed however there is very little air movement. Its not the resistor because i have ran 12 volts directly to the fan and still not increase in air pressure?

Any tips?

Valves not moving, stuck? normally it generates a lot of air. if the switch is not responding in position 1 and 2 the resistor is broken, 3 and 4 can work anyway.
There could be leaves and stuff in the vent, access plates are in the engine bay under the wiper and the other side:


from inside, behind the wiper engine is the air intake directly above blower motor:

If you say the motor is full speed maybe try and see where it is still moving air:


more info and different alternatives: fj62 blower motor speed resistors bad
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Is the blower motor spinning the correct direction?
Do the hvac direction controls work?
Are the vents open?
Air conditioning evaporator will get a layer of lint / dog hair over it . The fix ... pull it out and clean it . I pulled out the dash board to get it out.. plan a day to do it
I put a new blower motor and its not the resistor because I am able to give it a full 12v with no change from the highest setting. I will try the vents. Its insane my fj cruiser blows a ton and this one i barely barely get any air movement at all. Its the same with fresh an recirc, this has me puzzled.
Try removing the lower vent tube that runs past your knees when in the drivers seat. Then remove the other plastic pieces that are just above and right of the gas pedal, exposing the levers that actually operate the hvac door. A lot of times these get jammed or gummed up and don’t operate properly. Clean them up and slide the dash climate control levers, making sure everything is engaging properly and the door is moving where it should.

Mine had the same issue and after I got this working correctly it was a night/day difference in Heater and AC performance.

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