For Sale 1985 FJ60 for sale in Seattle - $5,700

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1985 FJ60 for sale in Seattle - $3,900

My son needs this sold NOW, so we've drastically cut the price to $3,900 ... from $5,700!

Purchased on 9 April 2005 with 261,775 miles. H55F (Aussie 5-speed) transmission installed June 2005 with 262,xxx miles. Drove the FJ60 in July 2005 from Seattle to Camp Pendleton in Southern California for my son to use while stationed there. The engine over-heated due to a bad radiator and stopped running (but would turn over), so I drove to Southern California with our family van and towed the Landcruiser back to Seattle in late August 2005.

Found a low-mile (40,000 miles) F engine from a rolled FJ55 and replaced the 2F engine at 266,xxx miles in October 2005, along with a new radiator. Fabricated a bracket from diamond plate for the power steering pump to mount in its normal location. The 2F engine is currently being disassembled for a re-build.

The FJ60 was then sold to my son on 15 August 2009 with 269,745 miles. It now has 278,5xx miles and runs very well. All accessories work, air-conditioning needs a charge (blows cold when topped-up). There is some rust in the usual spots and oxidation of the paint on the hood. It has a brand new master and slave hydraulic clutch cylinder.

Included in the sale is the original 4-speed transmission, the original 2F engine with all components - carburetor, inlet/exhaust, bell housing, flywheel, all the emission components removed for the F engine installation, original tool kit and jack, full roof-rack, new hydraulic fan clutch, extra spare wheel and even the interior privacy drapes from the original owners – used on their trip to Alaska for overnight camping.

Fairly priced at $3,900 – contact Charlie at 206-200-1948 (cell).

Photos available at the following link:
Land Cruiser Photos
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