1985 fj 60 super clean california truck for trade in chicago!

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Mar 13, 2011
United States
Hello I have for possible horse trade a ultra clean all original Blue late 85 fj 60 with working AC and manual trans. Car has been dealer serviced it's entire life 182,000 miles in Chico CA. Truck has brand new good year wranglers 31" and complete tune up. It is my current DD. I got it from a friend a few months back who was the original owner. It has never seen winter outside of chico! I would consider trading it for a subaru outback wagon or 4wd tacoma in the value range of $4000. I just feel too guilty owning this truck in Chicago as a dd year round rig. It should go to someone who can keep it away from salt. This truck is too nice. PM me for photos with a description of a potential trade vehicle. It is currently well loved and cared for and rests in a garage when not on the road.
First off, how about some pics.
Second, if it's value is in the $4000 range why not just sell it for $4000.
That is tempting for even me. Drive it to NJ and you may have it sold.:p
I will when I find my damn camera . I am also open to cash obviously? No deliveries for a truck this nice you would have to arrange your own transportation.
Soooo what PARTS are you selling

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