For Sale 1984 FJ60

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I have an old 1984 FJ60 that fried an ingniter pack. I am NOT mechanical and have decided that it is not worth my time, frustration and expense to have it converted to HEI ignition. It has rust and I would consider it a parts truck with some good components including....

1. Clean, uncracked brown dash.
2. Aussie locker
3. Specter Offroad 2" HD lift springs
4. Bilstien shocks
5. aluminum wheel spacers
6. clean early 90's P/U steel wheels
7. working smog pump
8. 2 year old dealer installed fuel tank.

I am located an hour + outside of the Kansas City metro and can provide pic's for those seriously interested. I am working 12.5hr nightshifts, so it may take a couple of days.
How many $$ ?
I forgot to mention the Hella driving lights, Pioneer stereo/speakers, floormats, and interior is pretty good. The drivers seat has the standard split on the side.

Hopefully the pictures are loaded....:)
howdy! Being a novice shade-tree mechanic. I have no idea what a fried igniter pack is, and i'm also curious as to what kind of miles are on the motor and body. Please consider this a serious inquiry. thanks in advance for a response. dale
Dale, I replied via message. I assume that you received the requested info.

thanks for the info, i'm kindo dialed in now. Another told me of igniter packs being placed upon each sparkplug, instead of just on the coil, preventing the vehicle from not running should it burn out. i've got an 85 fj60 with a blown motor in it, so i'd have plenty of parts to convert it back, but would be unsure of just how to do that. Trying to get all of my ducks in a row, and ponder doing the 'chevota' route too.
Bump for a good looking deal. I literally just bought one for $600 but it did not have any goodies! amazed it has not sold already.
I hate to ask the same question(s) as others have, but I too do not know what igniter packs are. Could you please explain. Thanks.
My understanding is that an ignitor pack is something like a voltage regulator. Toyota stopped making/importing them. The GM HEI conversion gives more efficient spark, is more reliable and is cheaper than locating a new ignitor pack. When I looked into it, the cost was going to be about $250.00 for the conversion kit.
More questions

I forgot to ask several other important questions.

1. How many miles?
2. Any other problems besides igniter packs?
3. Does it have A/C? (If so does it work?, or when did it last work?)
4. Which direction are you from KC? (I'm in OK)

I'm sure I'll think of some others after I hit "submit." Thanks.
Of course I thought of another one. You say it's got rust. I can't see any from the pics. Is the rust in the standard places (around wheel wells, tailgate etc., or it the frame badly rusted)? How bad is the rust.
OK, thanks. I'll look into that. I am not a great mechanic but my neighbor is exceptional. I assume it was running OK until that happened. Any other issues?
Its got 183K miles, no other known issues. The frame only has surface rust that I can find, looks solid. The body has rust in the standard places inlcuding rear wheel wells, rear hatch. I can't recall if the AC worked or not....? It ran good and then one day went out to start and it wasn't getting spark. I put a new coil on, hoping that was it and a friend put a test meter on it determining that it was the ignitor pack that failed.
OK. So, it does have A/C?? How long has it been parked? Where are you? Any flex on the price?

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