For Sale 1984 FJ60 - Near Nettie, WV - $1000

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This is a great start on a trail project. I bought it off a guy last year and just haven't had any time to work on it.

It has a Chevy 350 that the previous owner told me was built for this vehicle and then hardly driven after. It starts easily, runs smoothly, and has no blow-by, misses, etc. I don't think it's "built" as in high performance, just assembled.

It has a rebuilt automatic transmission. You can still see the word "Rebuilt" written on the bell housing in chalk.

It has a triple stick, double transfer case setup. It's a homemade job and I don't know enough about transfer cases to be able to identify what cases were used.

Overall, the body is fairly solid, considering the age. It has had some rust cut out of it by the previous owner. It could still be made road legal.

Major needs to get it driveable:
--rear drive shaft
--transmission and transfer case linkages need adjusted - it's hard to get it just right to get it in and out of gear
--Shocks need bolts replaced.

Other things:
--Interior is pretty rough - backseat isn't installed and only half of it is there, there are some cracks and holes in the dash, steering column has been taken apart to get it to start, headliner is intact.
--Grille and headlight rings are included, some of the front lenses are broken.
--Could probably use a tune up.
--I think there is an issue with the fuel delivery system - it starts OK sitting flat, but not on an incline, and you have to dump gas into the carburetor to get it to start. I have had it running an idling for ten minutes at a time, and it will move if the 4wd is engaged.

Long story short - great trail project, could even be restored if someone is really motivated. Includes the tires and wheels that are on it, a spare set of four aluminum rims with bald 35x14.50x15 tires, a spare set of stock Toyota steel wheels with 235's that will hold air enough to tow it or get it on a trailer.

It has to be towed or trailered.

I live in Roanoke, VA, but the FJ is at a relative's house not too far from Nettie, WV. I can come up about any weekend to show it.

Title in hand. No trades.

To clarify - The tires on it are 35x12.50x15 Goodyear Kevlar MT/R's. There is a complete second set of aluminum wheels with bald 35x14.50x15 M/T Baja Claws. There is a complete set of stock steel wheels with bald 235/75/15's on them that will hold air enough to tow or trailer it. There are 2 General Grabber's that are 35x12.50x15's that aren't on wheels. All of this is included with the sale. I'll even throw in the tow bar on the front bumper if someone needs it.

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