For Sale 1984 FJ60 in Western Colorado Very Good Shape

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United States
FJ60 in Western Colorado for sale - $8,900
Great working condition, body in very good shape. Small areas of rust inside rear wheel wells. Very low mileage (144k miles), 4-speed transmission.





Hi. In Grand Junction. I am helping a friend sell this. And the year in the headline is incorrect. This is a 1984 FJ60.
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Sorry to ask exactly the same thing as above, but I will add a couple questions: 1) still for sale? 2) how is the clutch and 3) what, if any, major component part(s), i.e. engine knock, oil pump, valve seats, are currently showing signs of distress? It is understood and accepted that something could be on it's way out as I do not see a description on the mechanical status. Thanks.
Thanks ThatTodd. I can also provide my email and/or cell number if any other questions/answers.
Hey Brent. Sorry to take so long in getting back to you. The FJ has been well maintained, and all maintenance records are available. The only components that have had to be replaced are the radiator fan and the clutch master cylinder. No engine knock, no sign of oil pump distress (or any other major parts). If you would like to message me with your phone or email, I can give that to the owner. Thanks for your interest!
Hey Brent! Thanks for the note! So glad to hear that you love it. I'll be sure to tell them Ole Brown says hello :) Take it easy and have a good weekend!

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