1984 Carb on a 1980 FJ40

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Nov 19, 2006
It's been a few years but I'm finally getting a little time to tinker on the 1980 FJ40 once again.

I wanted to source a spare Asian factory carb to eventually rebuild and run it on my rig but haven't run across any. There is a guy that as an 83-84 factory carb from an FJ60.

I know the factory carbs were similar across a lot of years but not so certain about the early 80s when there was so much emissions on the motors.

I want to know if the 83-84 FJ60 Asian carb is an exact match for the one on my 1980. If not I wonder if the differences are enough that I should keep looking for a better match.

So far, I know the carb on my Federal 1980 FJ40 was the same the 79-80 model years.
Depends on the exact year/month of your truck. The later models will run the later carbs but if it's from a FJ60 then it will have the A/C idle up system which you won't use. Dig around on sor.com to determine the exact switch, I think it was 8/80.

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