For Sale 1984 2f, 4 speed trans, xfer case

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Feb 2, 2010
Chehalis, WA
United States
Have a complete 1984 2F with the attached transmission and transfer case. It does include some front accessories like the air pump and alternator (both new at almost $325), but no AC or PS. There is a slight tick that sounds like a lifter, but the thing ran like a champ until the carb started leaking and now it doesn't like to idle. Comes complete from fan to transfer case and from air cleaner to oil pan, minus parts I need to do a 3B diesel swap. Has almost all of the smog stuff too.

I don't want to piece it out unless I can't get the thing sold by the end of June.

I need about a week of lead time to get it out (it's still in the truck and running) and can deliver it on my schedule almost anywhere in Washington and western Oregon for actual cost of delivery +20%.

Asking $1500 obo. E-mail is the best way to get ahold of me.
Mileage? Where?

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