For Sale 1983 Toyota Landcruiser FJ-40 Better than Showroom Condition Unmolested 3 owner.

United States
1983 Toyota Landcruiser FJ-40 Really a trailer queen for the last 10 years or so I have low miles 74,000 no rips or wear in seats I replaced all panels in the rear did not need it but decided to do so did it right many years ago now.The appraisal guy commented its in better shape than new which I agreed on but spend hundred of hours my self & hired journey body guy to install the new panels which were welded in.This is the cleanest cruiser I ever seen or owned I broke 2 bolts dismantling the entire truck for the refab. The seats the rear mat everything still appears new.Its always been parked inside.The resto is 10 years old.New old man emu lift & new mud terrain tires.This is a mint cruiser located in Alberta Canada 86,500.00 USD firm.You will not be disappointed on any work preformed on this Toy.I have all the doors & roof even the keys for both different doors (rear & front)

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May 11, 2012
I don’t think the 2f ever came with a 5spd in Canada.
I sure do not recall anything about a 5 speed and your right they never have
the radiator overflow also has a secondary overflow bottle.........that tends to make me think it overheats

the interior fuel cover is suppose to be body colored, so thats OK

what I really don't like are all the stainless bolts, they should almost all(but window hinge) be body colored

hood and window hold downs are black, should be bright

did the 2f come with 5 speed in canada or just the 4 speed? I know the 42's had the h55f
my choice was stainless but my truck I have all the old nuts and bolts but like the look myself.I guess you painted yours as the windshield hinges come factory with stainless
perhaps post a picture of yours I like bush trucks too but this was to nice to beat it offroading.Again my truck my choice.


Oct 25, 2004
Wow I’m surprised I’m reading a thread that started in 2019. This thing really has legs! I’ve got a pretty damn nice 83 but I probably am not gonna say better than new. Under commit and overdeliver. The people on the forum really know Land Cruisers. I remember my initiation back in the 90s and it got a little brutal at time. Live and learn and fear not, you’ve got an 83 and it’s a pretty nice truck that will continue to appreciate. I learned a long time ago nothing is perfect, especially when it comes to 40 year old trucks.

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