1983 FJ 60 For Sale in Charleston WV

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United States
I have this 83 fj60 for sale in Charleston, WV. I bought it about 18 months ago from a fella in KY and have done a few things to it, but not much.
Just put new tires on it (500.00)
New rear shackles/shocks/ add a leafs
Custom bumper... not much but it works well
Custom roof rack
Laptop platform on front passenger side
New seat covers
Spiffy cruisercrap.com bottle opener on the rear bumper.. heck that alone is worth the asking price! heh heh.
Oh and I did a rattlecan paint job that doesn't look too bad from about 40 foot away.
I have the front shackles/shocks/add a leafs but have not put them on yet, and a new steering stabilizer too.


I am wanting to sell this to buy a new mountain bike and don't have the money unless I sell this. I just don't use it as I had planned, and use my truck to camp/hunt/fish/bike with. Just want her to be loved more than I can at this time.












full disclosure sake

I need to mention that I have a minor ground in the tail lights that I honestly just haven't gotten to yet, and the gas gage is unhooked, it happened when I was fixing some of the rust spots and that too just didn't get tended to afterwards. Has new plugs, wires, optima yellowtop battery (new last fall).
Is this still for sale????
Yessir... still for sale. I have had a couple of CL nibbles locally, but nothing has come of them yet.
I was wondering if it sold after seeing it on I-64 west bound in Barboursville earlier this week. :clap:

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