For Sale 1983 BJ60 Toyota Landcruiser - $5000 - Squamish, BC, Canada (1 Viewer)

Sep 25, 2014
United States
5 spd, diesel, original paint, frame in excellent shape for year, body has rust in usual areas, 375,000 kms; exchanged 3B motor at 365,000 kms from a 1982 LC; have the original 1982 LC vehicle and the 1983 exchanged motor. I am the third owner of the vehicle, (last 10 years) but it has been in the family for 16 years. Well maintained.

Issues, other than rust, include minor leak from fuel tank, and clutch master cylinder, has one odd tire (3 Toyos, and one Dunlop, same dimensions) minor leak from roof rack, missing auxiliary driving headlight, seat belts are finicky, and vehicle does not have rear bench seats, and upholstery.

I am selling 1983 LC, but wish to include the 1982 LC (and transmission - 4 spd) and the exchanged 1983 LC motor as part of the package; will entertain the sale of the 1983 LC only, but will not alter the sales price.




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