1983 bj42 rear jump seats

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Mar 19, 2010
Hey all

I was just wonder what seats the bj42 uses, short or long? i just brought some rear seats but no holes line up. The seat i have has 2 holes either side of the seat. On my truck there seems to be four bolt holes, Im from New Zealand. If i can use these seats, whats the best way for me to mount them...

definitly not the long...however there are 2 styles of short seats...in usa we only got the longer short seat and many places got an even shorter seat.

do you have a picture of your seats? that you got

a friend has a new zealand bj42 that has the shorter short seat.

im not able to check his truck however ...i do have a pic here someplace of another truck
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non-usa extra short seat
Cool thanks all, yeah those holes in that pic look like my setup. The seats i have are long ones, basically like the FJ40 ones, they would be double the size of small.

Cheers, now i have to try find some !
Actually its more complicated...

Many (very likely all) New Zealand-market BJ42's got a strange jumpseat unlike anything received by other markets and which doesn't appear in the EPC. We have speculated on this forum before that the seats were contracted locally in NZ in order to save money when Toyota imported the trucks as 2 seaters.

You can identify a NZ-special jump seat if:

a) its the long style seat, but without the angled edge of the seat bottom found on Toyota seats
b) the reverse sides of the seat back and bottom are wood not metal
c) there is no support leg, instead the seat has rubber bumpers that rest on the wheel well
d) there is no arm rest style pipe thingy

Another clue might be that they're upholstered in tan vinyl while almost all other seats are grey, however I can't be sure if this was a New Zealand thing, or a BJ42 thing, or an option, so the color alone is inconclusive.

Here are some pics of the NZ seats: from my truck and from a random truck I found on the web. I have also seen these seats in my local friend's truck who also got it from NZ.
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(Oh, obviously those front seats are "special" too... and completely impossible to find, doh. I had to switch back to USA 40-series buckets with tan covers.)
yes, those shorter seats are JDM market only, this one is from a 1980-1982 bj41, i know this because of its upholsery... ;p

yes that picture is a JDM seat...the guy that has the NZ truck has the identical seats...not that patern however...but they are the mini small seats.

amaurer those are cool seats...i'll have to check them out to see if they showup on parts diagrams...very cool
amaurer whats under the seat covering? i see two zippers on pass side and one on drivers...did you ever look under?
I'll see if i can get the owner of the NZ truck i'm talking about to post up some pics of his rear seat
There is nothing under there except the seat itself. The cover just unzips... no idea why. They're odd seats all around, really; the fronts have a center panel of "faux wicker" vinyl.

The front seats do appear in the EPC, only the oddball NZ jumpseats do not.
I picked up a set of the long jump seats for free, but didn't want to use the "roll bar kit" that extends them about 2" out from the wheel wells. I ended up cutting out about 12" of width from the seats and welding them back together. Basically making them the same size as the short seats so they matched up with the factory bolt holes. My son sold his j**p so I used his old bikini top to upholster, and rather poorly, my "new" jump seats.
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If I remember correctly, New Zealand's 40 Series Land Cruisers were assembled locally from CKD kits; quite likely there were local components regulations.

The unusual seats, both front and back, might be one of the locally sourced components. That would explain why they do not show up in the EPC.

My two cents.


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