1983 60 Series 2H clutch issues

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Sep 26, 2013
South Australia
Hey guys,
so I have a 1983 60 series 2H Diesel and recently began having clutch issues. The cruiser has been running strong until I went down a very wet and deep track full of water, it was like a swamp, anyway the water was just up to the door sills (stock suspension and height). Anyway the clutch was working fine, it did get a little stiff to get into gear, but it wasn't really anything out of the ordinary. Later on in the week my old man went to move it and found the clutch to not work at all, it wouldn't engage at all, I have no ideas other the slave cylinder is leaking causing this issue, my old man believes it is burnt out but it didn't seen to smell or slip at all, any help or advice would be much appreciated

Thanks in advance!
the hydrolic parts on the clutch system are used to disingage the clutch so that is not the problem.
so I think your clutch plates and pressure plate are ether worn out or burned up.
Check that the slave is engaging the clutch fork before you start pulling the trans if the slave rod is not engaging the fork then you have a toasted clutch.
Usually if the master goes the pedal drops to the floor boards with no resistance at all and wont return.
how can my clutch plates just burn out though when it had no issue to start with, it has never slipped, never played up whilst offroading, and I was never hard on it and I never have been, im dumfounded to how this problem has come about? The problem only arose when I had finished going through the water, the clutch started playing up the day after all the water crossings, could the hydraulics like woutur123 said ,be the issue? I'll take Dieselers advice and check the slave cylinder and clutch fork as well, thanks again, if anyone else knows anything post it up! It would much appreciated, Thanks!
How much free travel has the clutch pedal got? It should be about one inch. I take it you have checked the clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder. Does the clutch fork feel secure in the clutch housing?If all is good you may need to adjust the clutch rod under the dash board. I posted this clutch adjustment diagram from the manual a long while back. Has your 60 got a standard clutch or fitted with a booster?
thanks for your reply bigbrowndog, I would say that before hand it had maybe 2inches of free travel before any pressure came onto my foot, yes my dad has checked the slave cylinder but we haven't checked the master cylinder and we also haven't looked at the clutch fork either, I'll check these other things and get back to you, the 60 series is completely stock, no booster all standard factory gear, the clutch has 350,000km on it at the moment. Thanks again!
At 350k im leaning to think you have a worn clutch the water probably perpetuated it just like when your brakes dont work after summerging in water the clutch will do the same it may have slipped to a point of glazing over the pads . I have one with 215k and its getting worse at 185k it was good with no problems then in the last 5oook it has gone from questionable to definatly on its way out very noticeable on the highway in top gear when I punch it and the tach jumps 5oo-1000rpms and she does not pick up speed until the rpms drop back down as the clutch starts to grab.
There is a test you can do nose the bumper upto a wall put it in 4th let the clutch out either it will stall right away or the clutch will slip till it stalls.
What was the problem you left us hanging on the issue.
so sorry for the really, really late reply but the clutch was full of water! My dad managed to drain it all out and now it shifts and changes like a dream, I will though in the coming months replace it with a heavy duty item when the 33s and suspension go on just for good measure.

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