SOLD 1982 Toyota Pickup - Offroad Ready - Houston, Texas

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Vehicle Model
  1. Minitruck
United States
1982 Toyota LWB Pickup For Sale or Trade.
Asking Price: $6,250 FIRM.
Location: Houston, Texas

To be up front, I picked up this pickup in the last week or so from a seller a few hours away after not having a Toyota for 5 years (75 FJ40).
Going to move to a 70 series to get a back seat, AC and removable top. Willing to trade (+ cash on my end) for the right 70 series.

Story i got from the seller is she bought it for her ex 5 or so years back, he built it up doing a frame off, but after the drive train he seemed to have stopped spending as much money on the vehicle. It sat in at a shop for a couple years, he couldn't pay the fees so she got it back, spent $2500 to get it going (see image below) and then was selling it to recoup some of what he owed her.

Truck i would say is 97% rust free.
I have found nothing on the front end, couple spots coming thru the bed on the driver side. Very minimal compared to what you see on majority of these.
Seller said no rust on the cab, i haven't found any yet over my glances around the truck.
Compared to most of what you see for sale, this is in great shape.

I've put about 50 miles on the truck so far, drives great, can drive with 1 finger on the steering wheel.
Mechanically everything seems great. Not the fastest thing on the road, but engine seems strong and ready to go whether on the road or for offroad.
4WD linkage all shifts smooth, clutch works as it should, and transmission shifts smoothly.
Locking hubs turn like butter.

Parts list:
Front end:
Grizzly Lockers
IFS steering
High steer
Six shooter knuckles and arms
Trunion elimination kit
Weld on armor and truss kits.
Trail gear shock hoops
Bilstein shocks

Engine compartment:
Motor is fresh - Engine seems very strong, no smoke
New aluminum radiator from low range offroad
New header (I was told LC Engineering)
87 5 speed
Dual T-case
Exhaust drops right at the cab/bed

Rear end:
IFS rear end
4.88 Gears
Chromoly Axles
Grizzly Locker
Disc brake conversion
Bilstein shocks

All rust fixed
Corbeau Seats
New rubber floor mat
Dyna Mat in doors and floor pans
Electric - Needs some attention, speedo and tach work but a day or so cleaning up wiring would be needed (may get handled depending on how quick there is interest in this)
Interior as a whole needs some attention, this is my only gripe about the truck for something i was going to have fun on the road and then offroad. Very good base with the drive train.

Re-painted when disassembled - Paint is by no means perfect. Clear coat on the hood is gone and paint is worn thru, rest of the truck seems in good shape, but a few small spots where the clear coat has issues. I would say this is a 10ft truck as far as paint goes.
Bed bobbed, only a few minor rust spots showing under the paint that i could find. Bob seems to be done fairly well as far as cosmetics go. Tail gate requires some effort to open, i'm guessing from slight warping during welding.
Does not have mirrors, truck had the tow mirrors, holes are in the door and ready for a set to be installed.
Trail Gear front bumper
Marlin Crawler Sliders
35" Goodyear Kevlar MT on 15" MT Classic beadlocks - Tires and wheels look near brand new
Smittybilt winch can come with it, i believe i have new synthetic rope for it.

Also comes with original block and head and couple minor spares but nothing of significance.

If i keep it, i would do the following so to let the potential buyer know the areas needing attention.
- Clean up electrical and source some of the missing interior dash parts and put in carpeting. As mentioned earlier, POs ex seemed to have lost interest in these 2 areas.
- Re-do transfer case mount. Mount/skid is solid, mounting method could be re-done
- Fix door locks - Key works and turns, but does not lock the doors.
- Repaint hood and possibly fis clear coat.

Truck as a whole seems very solid, just needs a little love to get the last bits of it as solid as the rest.

If you need more pictures, have questions, let me know.


A couple photos from previous seller (future posts are photos taken today 08/20):
Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 7.54.41 PM.png
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Man, too soon for me but sweet truck! I'm in Houston too. Thinking about unloading my 100 series to get back in a first gen. This seems to have some good bones. Good luck with the sale!

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