1982 fj62 with bad motor

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Jan 27, 2015
My motor is in need of a rebuild or replacement.

It has 247,000 miles on it.

I could use some advice. Does anyone have a Chicago area mechanic they recommend for cruisers? I just moved from sf. How much should I expect to spend to rebuild vs by a replacement?

It could use a paint jibe too and I might get carried away with a huge project.
Anything that would be stupid for me not to replace if doing the motor?

I will search the past posts also as I know that is just good manners.
You may already know this but, if you are going to spend this amount on the truck I would avoid driving it when the roads are salted at all costs.

I would say rebuild the trans if you have the money for peace of mind . However, no harm in running the trans until it quits either, jjstnless convenient and probably more costly in the long run.


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