1982 FJ60 in Ohio

Apr 23, 2005
Columbus, Ohio
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Price: $1300.00

This truck was bought with a blown head casket and repaired with a good used head off of a 87. The engine runs strong.

Here is some more....

The truck is a 1982 FJ60. It is in OK shape for its age, Has the typical Old wagon rust on the rear wheel wells and a small amount on the drivers side rocker panel. The Frame is in Decent Shape and is solid. The Color of the Truck is a Very Faded Red from a previous low cost repaint. The Tail Gate has been replaced with a White Gate that functions well. The Interior of the Truck is Functional and well broken in. Has a very nice pioneer Cod/radio in it and newer speakers. The only Portion of the interior/exterior that is of major concern is that windshield has a crack that has run vertically up the center. The Truck has had the Head replaced by the club over a series of Tech Sessions. New Gaskets and the like were installed. The Truck has also been set to run with out the Air pump. The Truck Starts up and Runs Great! It's also easy to drive and goes down the road straight. IT would make a good run around cruiser or trail machine.
here for questions smigelski.5@osu.edu
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