1982 FJ40 Front Springs


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Apr 5, 2008
Menifee, CA
Looking for replacement of 2-Front leaf springs-OEM or Aftermarket - Stock Springs - No lift
General Springs sells factory height leafs. I have no experience with them, just posting as an options. I do not believe any of the reputable lift kit companies sell stock height leafs, only lift leafs. I am sure that Alcan in Colorado could built you a custom set of factory height leafs, but i know they want to know LOTS of data about your truck setup and use to get things right.

On edit: I missed the thread title and year. General springs looks to only offer the earlier leafs with smaller bushings. Your's are going to have the larger bushing like the FJ60 leaf springs.

I would give Kurt a call and Cruiser Outfitters in Utah and ask his guidance. @cruiseroutfit
Jan 19, 2021
Renton, WA
I had https://www.daytonparts.com make me a custom set of front and rear springs for a 1981. This was via General Spring and they outsourced it to Dayton. The end product from Dayton was good but the customer service at General was horrible. Granted it was in the middle of the pandemic so who knows if it’s a fair representation.
Just go direct to Dayton. They should have all the measurements on file. Pics of the fronts installed below. They appear slightly different in that the wraps aren’t the same as OEM and some of the spring shape is a little different but the ride height and quality is back to how it should be. Stiff on road with new Toyota shocks but flex really well off road. I was particular about them using the same width/height steel and the same number of leaves as OEM. I replaced all the shackles and bushings with new from Toyota.

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